“Dad, what should I be when I grow up?”

Hmm… I don’t really know. But I can give you some clues on how to find out.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation that might happen to you in several years.

You graduate from high school and you need to decide what to do next. You think about what will be the moral and right thing to do. You know you love drawing, especially cartoons. That’s what fascinates you, something you’d wake up every morning and do for 10 straight hours if you could afford it.

You’re dad says that it is impractical. He claims that Cartoonists can barely make a living these days and that you have the potential to become a great engineer like he is. He can also help you get a job in that big company he is working for. He talks to you about being logical and planning your life. About saving money to buy a house, marrying the right girl and avoiding risky moves.

You think about it and you are very tempted to take his advice. But something doesn’t feel right. There is a contradiction somewhere. And you well know by now, if there is a contradiction, there is an error here waiting to be fixed.

So you think about it some more. What if you take his advice? What if you become an engineer and start working in his firm?

Will you be happy waking up every morning to go to work? Not really. Will you make good money? Probably. You are smart and you will do fine, better than average. You will be able to save, meet someone nice, get married, buy a house and have kids. Will you be happy? You will be quite happy.

But, there something else here. Will you be truly happy? Truly fulfilled? Will you feel that you missed on something better, bigger and more rewarding than this path your father lays out for you? Yes.

Let’s say you go take a course with this genius cartoonist that you admire. They say that only one out of a hundred graduates get to find a real steady job doing cartoons. You will spend all your money on that course but you will learn all the technics you need to sharpen your skills.

You will apply to work in a daily newspaper. You will probably fail in the first couple of times. You will run out of money and will have to wait tables for a while. But you will not give up and maybe find a job as a designer while you apply over and over. You will be confident and proud about yourself pursuing your career and not giving up even if it is hard. And because you will get better and better, you will probably make it this way or another. In the process, you will probably meet a girl. She will be interested in what you do because that is what you will be – a cartoonist. She will probably be doing something that you admire. Why? Because the more principled you will be and more true to your goals and your passions, the more self-confident you will become. And I’m guessing she will find you more attractive.


People are attracted to values, spiritual and material.

You are pretty good looking and your character will be much more attractive if you’ll stay true to your values. You will develop a virtuous way of life and thus have higher standards in all fields of life, including love and romance.

You won’t be able to buy a house, so you will rent one with that amazing girl. You will have passionate love and probably a child. You will become a proud dad and teach your kid not to give up on his dreams. You will be a great dad. And who knows, maybe even a world famous cartoonist at one point in time.

So which option is better?

The latter Dad

I agree kid. All you have to think about is what makes you happy and proud.

That’s easy. Making ice-cream

I know a couple of guys that are very successful doing that.

Really? I think you’ve answered my question dad

Glad I could help kid. Now close your eyes and think about new flavors you can come up with.

Good night dad

Good night Jerry

My name isn’t Jerry

So, good night Ben

Dad? why are you calling me Ben & Jerry? Oh…

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